Animal Calculator

The ProVeg Animal Calculator allows you to calculate the impact you can have on land animals by replacing ingredients, meals, or your complete diet with plant-based alternatives 

Key assumptions and further notes

All data refers to 2016 data from the FAO

Ingredients calculator

Egg: we currently only take into account the complete egg, even though only egg white powder might have been used for production. A kg of egg white powder needs considerably more eggs, and thus more animals, than using regular egg white

Milk: please note, we currently only take into account milk in its liquid form. However, for production milk powder might have been used. Please note, that a kg of milk powder needs considerable more milk per kg, and thus more animals, than using liquid milk.

Meals calculator

we assume, that each replaced meal contained 100g of meat 

Eggs and milk are not currently accounted for in the calculations for meals

Diet calculator

The total amount of animals includes pigs, poultry, bovine animals, mutton, and goats, as well as “other” animals. Please note, that mutton and goat as well as “other” animals are currently not depicted in the detailed breakdown at the bottom  

For more information on the calculations read the methodology

The calculator and the database will be regularly updated. For a record of the changes, we will provide you with a changelog as soon as we have done changes.

The technical implementation of this calculator was made possible thanks to the support of Tech to the Rescue and Silevis.