New Food Forum is a unique event that aims to inspire the further development of innovative solutions in the food industry.


We are accustomed to perceiving the food industry as a major player of the world’s economy. Of course we are: this industry is so well-established that it generates over 25 trillion US dollars globally, and in the Czech Republic, this figure is represented by more than 8,700 businesses. Even at the country level, this field is strong and proud, but we often talk about it in the sense that it changes only with great reluctance and cumbersomeness. But what can we see with just a slight shift in perspective? The result of human activity, history, synergy, and competition. It is another innovator standing at the crossroads, who, with diffidence and doubts, has set off and is moving forward. Are you interested in going through the journey to see the current opportunities and challenges through the eyes of the food industry – our hero?

New Food Forum Partners

Media Partners

New Food Forum is held under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture Zdeněk Nekula

Venue Partner

Spojka Events

Pernerova 697/35, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín

New Food Forum will take place in moder event space in the heart of Karlín district: Spojka Events. The set of stylish venues with a touch of industrial style provides both synergy and comfort of services.

Ivana Procházková, ProVeg Česko
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