Do not miss a unique B2B event about innovations in the plant based sector.

The New Food Forum is a unique event that aims to support the development of innovative solutions in the field of plant-based foods from plant-based alternatives to animal products, through categories such as plant-based confectionery, durable products or beverages, and to inspire key players in the Czech market to increase the quality, quantity and availability of these products.

This full-day conference is packed with inspiring presentations by Czech and international speakers, along with space for networking and enjoying delicious plant-based snacks. Take part in this innovative event and get inspired to improve your business strategies!

The general partner of the New Food Forum 2024 conference is Tesco.

The event is held under the auspices of the Minister of the Environment Petr Hladík, the Czech Trade and Tourism Association, the CzechTrade and Mgr. Radka Šimková, the Mayor of the Prague 5 district.

Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic

Venue Partner


Stroupežnického 21, Praha

New Food Forum 2024 se uskuteční ve Vienna House by Wyndham Andel’s Prague, kde sofistikovaný design a příjemná atmosféra poskytují nezapomenutelný zážitek. Hotel se nachází v centru kosmopolitní čtvrti Anděl.


Katarína Navrátilová

Tesco Stores CR, a.s. 
Chief Executive Officer

Katarína has been working at Tesco since 2000, when she joined the company as Purchasing Coordinator. Since then she has moved through several positions, which has allowed her to learn a lot about different parts of the business. After several positions in the commercial department, Katarina moved to Turkey where she took on the role of Sales Director at Tesco – Kipa and also became a member of the Board of Directors. Upon returning home she became HR Director for Central Europe and also a member of the Exec team. She held the position of Product Director for Central Europe and plays a key role in building partnerships with our suppliers to bring healthy, affordable and sustainable products to our customers. She now holds the position of Chief Executive Officer for the Czech Republic.

Elsa Guadarrama

ProVeg International
Consumer & Market Research Manager

Elsa brings over seven years of expertise in market intelligence and strategic branding to her role as Consumer & Market Research Manager at ProVeg International. Her work with global brands paved her path to ProVeg, where she’s instrumental in leading market research for the Smart Protein Project, funded by the Horizon 2020 initiative. Elsa’s unique perspective, fueled by her Latin American heritage, enriches her contributions to understanding and shaping the future of plant-based food markets.  

In this keynote, we delve into the groundbreaking findings of the Smart Protein Consumer Research. The study offers a deep dive into consumer preferences, behaviors, and the growing shift towards plant-based eating in Europe. Drawing from a robust data set, the presentation highlights key insights that could redefine market strategies and product development in the plant-based sector.

Ing. Milan Pašmík

McCarter a.s.
Chairman of the Board and Co-Owner

Milan is the Chairman of the Board and co-owner of the Slovak company McCarter a.s., which he founded in 1996. He is primarily involved in the strategy and direction of the company with an emphasis on innovation and development of new concepts, and is also involved in the development and promotion of trade, including exports.

Hana Smítková

Tesco Stores CR, a.s. 
Head Technical Manager for Shelf-Stable Foods and Non-Food Products for Central Europe

Hanka has been working at Tesco since 2006, and from the very beginning, she has been working in the quality department, which collaborates with Tesco product manufacturers and helps them set all production standards.
Within the entire range, she also focuses on plant-based products, overseeing specific standards that apply to these products.

Within both Tesco’s own Plant-chef brand and branded products, Tesco ensures adherence to high production standards. During this year’s presentation, we will unveil how our collaboration with suppliers takes place and how we ensure the quality and sustainability of our products. We will focus on details and behind-the-scenes information, giving you insight into how it all actually works. Come and be inspired and take a peek behind the scenes of our plant-based assortment!

Ing. Hana Říhová

Consumer Panel Services GfK
Commercial Director Advanced Solutions, CEE

Hana is Sales Director for Eastern and Central Europe. She focuses on implementing advanced solutions and analytics in the field of shopping and buyer behavior. She has been in the market research industry for 25 years in various local and regional roles. She is co-author of the publication Marketing Research – Procedures, Methods, Trends.

Ing. Vladimíra Šebková

Consumer Panel Services GfK
Client Relationship Manager

Vladimíra has more than 30 years of experience in marketing and market research in the roles of Business Development, Key Account Manager and Marketing Director. She also lectures at economically oriented universities as an external lecturer.

Czech consumers have embarked on a journey towards healthier eating. But how did they cope with the inflation crisis in 2023 and how did the impact of household finances translate into changes in purchasing behaviour at the FMCG level?

The diversity of choice in the market makes it entirely possible to cater to individual dietary requirements. How is the vegan market evolving, which alternatives have successfully established themselves and what trends are we seeing in terms of size, frequency or spend?

The desire for sustainable health is gaining supporters. Who are the buyers of plant-based alternatives, how do they differ from the general population, and what are their attitudes towards shopping and eating? Are their eating habits related to an overall attitude towards sustainability and eco-activity or is it an isolated need?

prof. Ing. Vladimír Kočí, Ph.D., MBA

LCA Studio Ltd.

Vladimír focuses his professional activities on LCA, product ecology and sustainability. In addition to the University of Chemistry and Technology, he lectures on Product Ecology at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague and at the Academy of Arts Architecture & Design. He has prepared several dozen LCA studies for commercial and non-commercial entities. In 2014-2022 he held the position of Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Technology at the University of Technology in Prague. He is currently the head of the Institute of Sustainability and Product Ecology. Vladimír is the principal investigator of several research projects focused on LCA and he acts as an independent assessor of LCA and EPD studies for The International EPD System®. In 2021, he founded LCA Studio Ltd. which focuses on processing LCA studies and determining the carbon footprint of products and organisation.

The new requirements for non-financial reporting and the implementation of sustainability into practice will lead to the need to establish the carbon footprint of organisations and subsequently products. The lecture will demonstrate the connections of measuring carbon footprint throughout the entire lifecycle of food.

Martina Lokajová

Tempty Foods ApS
CEO & Co-Founder

Martina is a Co-founder & CEO at Tempty Foods, a Danish Food innovation company creating the foods of the future based on mycoprotein. With a business background in Technology Entrepreneurship, Martina and her team are on a mission to bring innovation to everyone’s plates. Aside from being a Food Entrepreneur, Martina has a passion for empowering others to step up and lead our society towards a more sustainable future.

Join Martina, Co-founder & CEO of Tempty Foods, on a journey into the future of food innovation. During this talk, you will learn about mycoprotein, a sustainable and nutritious source of protein from nature’s mycelium. Martina will also cover how Tempty Foods is taking a different approach on creation of plant-based foods using mycoprotein.

Martina Kafková

M-ocean, Ltd.

Martina is the founder of the M-ocean agency, operating for over 20 years in the field of marketing and events. In the last 7 years she has started to focus on sustainability within events. She has become an expert in organising sustainable events and workshops thanks to her practical experience from hundreds of corporate events.
She previously served on the board of Change for the Better, which brings together innovators, companies, institutions and individuals who want a sustainable future. She currently serves on the board of Butterflies For Future, which provides projects that nurture the mental health and personal development of young people such as Safe Zone, Kudy Campus, as well as Zerowasters, who spread awareness, educate and inspire in prevention of waste creation. Previously, she has worked more as an event creator or supervisor, focusing on client promotions.
Today, she is more involved in education, strategizing and writing methodologies that just might move the corporate world faster towards more sustainable events.
Two years ago, she also started the Responsible Event podcast, where you’ll learn a variety of news from the event world and experiences that can inspire your practice.

Martin Ranninger

ProVeg Czechia; V-Label International,

Martin is the co-director of ProVeg Czechia and also the co-director of V-Label International, an internationally recognised and registered seal for vegan and vegetarian products and services. Martin’s daily work motivation is driven by the vision of a world where everyone chooses delicious and healthy food that is good for all humans, animals, and our planet.

Romana Nýdrle

Czech Trade and Tourism Association 
Retail Director

Romana, Retail Director of the Czech Trade and Tourism Association, has been in her current position since March 2023, coming from Makro ČR, where she managed external and internal communications, was responsible for public relations and coordinated the sustainability agenda. She joined Makro Wholesale in August 2009, building on the marketing, communications and project management experience she gained in management positions in the music and film industries. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts, English & American Studies and the London School of Public Relations.

Instead of restrictions, it is advisable for retailers to cooperate with Czech producers in order to expand the range of plant-based alternatives of local origin, as the consumer wants. Let us take the European route when it comes to food labelling, instead of creating new names for alternatives that the consumer does not know. Let us focus together on educating the consumer by providing fair information about nutritionally balanced diets, not by digging ditches.  

Mgr. Samuel Rybnikár, PhD.

Faculty of Law, University of Trnava in Trnava
Assistant Professor

Samuel is a university lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the Trnava University, where he teaches food law. He is a lecturer of professional seminars focused on food legislation and an expert guarantor of the Food Law Conference. He advises food business operators on food labelling and food law. He is co-author of the university textbook Food Law, the professional publication Food Labelling and the Collection of Case Law in Food Law. From his previous work at the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic and at the Office of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, he has extensive experience in the application of food law and the development of food legislation. Currently he is also a member of the Sectoral Council for Food Industry and cooperates with the Slovak Chamber of Food Industry.

In February this year, the European Parliament and the Council adopted a directive that will undoubtedly mark a (r)evolution in the field of food labelling. Misleading environmental claims and non-transparent and untrustworthy sustainability labels should be put to an end when communicating with consumers when buying food. What is the aim of the new ECTG directive? What commercial practices will be prohibited? Will the new rules enable consumers to make truly informed decisions about the environment and sustainability when buying food? How will the transposition of the Directive affect food producers and the food trade? Find out the answers to these and other questions in this presentation.

Mgr. Miroslava Malaníková

MyRaw Food s.r.o.

Romana, Retail Director of the Czech Trade and Tourism Association, has been in her current position since March 2023, coming from Makro ČR, where she managed external and internal communications, was responsible for public relations and coordinated the sustainability agenda. She joined Makro Wholesale in August 2009, building on the marketing, communications and project management experience she gained in management positions in the music and film industries. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts, English & American Studies and the London School of Public Relations.

A brief introduction about raw desserts or let’s eat without regrets. What is raw? Why raw? How will our body thank us? And can we really enjoy being healthy? Find out directly from the owner of the raw café.

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