Food Evolution takes a savvy approach to supporting veg-friendly businesses:

  • We compile market data for publications,
  • We advise and coach manufacturers who want to expand their plant-based products.
  • Using our ProVeg test community, we provide direct consumer feedback for new products.
  • We work together with companies to coordinate, research, and collect public feedback to create tasty vegan products.
  • We certify the product with the V-Label, so that consumers looking for a vegan-certified product feel safe and secure with their purchase.


Diversity in plant-based products

We advocate for increasing the variety of plant-based products available in supermarkets. To this end, we work together and advise manufacturers on how to expand their product range.

Ensure availability

Plant-based meat and dairy are not yet available in every supermarket. Our goal is to bring ample plant-based alternatives to even the most remote places.

Improve taste and quality

Plant-based products are constantly improving. ProVeg helps evaluate new plant-based products, taking into account what the plant-based community wants from new products and alternatives.

Fair pricing

Currently, plant-based alternatives are generally more expensive than their animal-based counterparts. We believe a sustainable, compassionate diet should be accessible to everyone.




The Veggie Challenge, a 30-day ProVeg program, has helped more than 300,000 people worldwide reduce their consumption of animal products. Participants in the Challenge receive delicious recipes, useful information, and handy tips on a plant-based lifestyle throughout the 30 day challenge.

ProVeg recently partnered with Vivera, one of the largest producers of meat alternatives in Europe, to offer our helpful resources to every Vivera customer!

Food & Pandemics Report

Our Food & Pandemics Report explores the connection between the current pandemic and our animal-based food system, highlighting how a shift to plant-based and cultured food choices can help to minimize the risk of similar, future pandemics. This report confirms corresponding reports from  the United Nations and Cambridge University, which were published around the same time. The Food and Pandemics report has been endorsed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) amongst others.


Consumer Survey Report

We surveyed over 6,000 consumers from 9 European countries about their consumption behavior of plant-based products. Download the report now and get exciting insights into what customers want, the potential for new veggie products, and any gaps in plant-based products that could be filled.