Banana-Cherry Smoothie

This smoothie is super easy and yet so delicious. By breaking the banana, after peeling, into pieces and freezing it, the smoothie gets a milkshake texture. Furthermore, the more brown dots the banana skin has, the riper and sweeter the banana becomes, and so also the smoothie. The cherries from the freezer also provide an extra cold smoothie and have the advantage that they have already been pitted. In case you want to use fresh cherries, then find out how to quickly and conveniently remove the pits from the cherries, and add extra ice cubes!
  • Preparation Time: 15 minutes


Servings: 1
  • 2
    ripe bananas
  • 200 gram
    cherries (freezer)
  • 400 ml
    water or plant-based milk optionally


  1. Before: 1. Prepare the bananas several hours in advance: peel the bananas, break them into pieces and freeze them. Preparation: 2. Add all ingredients into a blender and mix until all ingredients are milled. 3. This smoothie can also be made with an immersion blender. Put all the ingredients in a measuring cup and mix it with the immersion blender until it becomes a smoothie.