It’s that time of year again: veggie gifts

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The holiday season is a great opportunity to review the past year and say thank you to your loved ones with a gift. To make sure that it is also a celebration of plant-based living, you should make sure that you only shop for products free from animal-derived products. Homemade gifts are also a great expression of affection and individuality.

Delicious plant-based recipes: veggie cookbooks

Cookbooks are a classic holiday gift, so giving your veggie-curious loved ones a vegan cookbook is a great idea for any budding amateur chef. The range of vegan cookbooks available has increased rapidly over the last few years, covering everything from raw-food to snacks, sweets, and hearty meals.

Useful tools for plant-based households: kitchen utensils

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving the gift of a new time-saving gadget? Blenders, mixers, juicers, dicers and slicers can each play a role in making the switch to an entirely plant-based diet that much easier. This year, why not give the gift of convenience to make a healthy smoothie each morning, or a warming soup on cold winter days.

Sweet sins for your sweet tooth: homemade candy

Vegan sweets make for a great gift that can be quick and easy to make at home. Whether you choose to bake biscuits or whip up some homemade vegan truffles and toffee, the ProVeg recipe database contains recipes for every occasion. If you don’t have time to bake, there are more vegan sweets available in supermarkets than ever before.

Share great experiences: the gift of spending time together

Home-made vouchers for a home-cooked dinner, or a nice Sunday brunch with plant-based delicacies, make for a thoughtful, personal – and low-cost – gift idea.

Soothing care: cosmetics free from animal suffering

Why not give the gift of care and relaxation with cruelty-free cosmetics? Drugstores are continuously expanding their range of plant-based products. You can even make some of these items yourself! Not only is it a more thoughtful gift, you’ll also avoid a lot of packaging waste. Body peels and lotions are particularly popular during the cold season. These personal care products are quick and easy to make at home, using only a handful of ingredients.

DIY vegan cosmetics – plastic-free body care

Many cosmetic products still involve animal testing or contain animal-based ingredients. If you want to be sure that no animal has had to suffer for your personal hygiene and save a lot of packaging waste at the same time, it is best to make your own cosmetics products following Nadine Schubert’s recipes.

Beautifully designed clothes: fashion that’s free of animal suffering

Socks, pullovers, and all types of clothes are a staple gift at this time of year. This year, why not go really trendy and choose one of the new, growing vegan clothing brands. More and more fashion producers are choosing sustainable, animal- and worker-friendly practices.

Last updated: 26.11.2021

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