Veggie Vacation Spots: 10 cities for great vegan/vegetarian holidays

People following a vegan/vegetarian diet shouldn’t have to forgo tasty plant-based food while on holiday. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the 10 best vegan cities around the world.

1. London (England): A huge variety of vegan food

The capital of England has a lot to offer when it comes to vegan/vegetarian holidays, with more and more Londoners switching to a plant-based lifestyle. This is also reflected in the city’s growing list of vegan restaurants, currently numbering 137.1 Camden Market, for example, draws visitors to its numerous vegan food stalls, while the rest of the city is home to numerous ice cream parlours with plant-based options, as well as vegan catering companies, vegan bakeries, and the Soho Vegan Market, which offers plant-based delicacies.

ProVeg Tip: Temple of Seitan
Even before this vegan eatery opened in early 2017, the Temple of Seitan had already made regional headlines. Offerings include vegan fast food such as plant-based burgers and wraps as well the house speciality, vegan roast chicken.

2. Berlin (Germany): The vegan heart of Europe

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With more than 70 vegan restaurants, bistros, cafés, ice cream parlours, and the like, Berlin is the vegan capital of the world. Most vegan restaurants are located in the trendy districts of Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, and Neukölln, and are easy to reach via public transport. Additionally, many non-vegan restaurants now have plant-based options on their menus. A number of vegan shoe shops and supermarkets complete the city’s selection of vegan offerings. All of these places, as well as the yearly Vegan Summer Festival, draw visitors to the city and make Berlin by far the most vegan-friendly city in Germany.2

ProVeg tip: Brammibal’s Donuts
With three different branches, Brammibal’s Donuts supplies Berlin with delicious doughnuts in the districts of Neukölln, Prenzlauer Berg, and Mitte. The bakery not only offers a changing assortment of vegan doughnuts but also serves 100% vegan breakfast, coffee, and lunch.

3. New York City (United States): More than 60 vegan restaurants

Considered to be a trend-conscious city, New York is at the forefront of plant-based eating. The city’s vegan/vegetarian offerings are as varied as its inhabitants – from cafés and bistros to diners, gourmet restaurants, and bakeries, you can look forward to a vacation full of vegan delicacies. More than 60 vegan and almost 80 vegetarian restaurants entice travellers to pay a visit,3 making the city one of the most popular holiday destinations for vegans and vegetarians alike.

ProVeg tip: By Chloe
The restaurant chain By Chloe was founded by star chef and cookbook author Chloe Coscarelli. By Chloe serves healthy, plant-based sandwiches and pasta dishes, as well as a variety of salads. Even typical American dishes such as burgers are on the menu – purely plant-based, of course.

4. Portland (Oregon, United States): Experience the vegan shopping centre

Veggies can enjoy a plethora of options in this beautiful city, with its 70 vegan/vegetarian restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.4 Furthermore, Portland has been the home VegOut!, the Portland Vegan Beer & Food Festival, since 2015. A stage programme with local bands and a DJ accompanies the festival’s colourful selection of plant-based dishes made predominantly with regional ingredients. In Portland, you can also shop to your heart’s content for vegan clothes and body care products such as shampoo, bath products, and make-up.

ProVeg tip: Vegan Mini Strip Mall
Portland even has a small shopping centre featuring exclusively vegan businesses. The Vegan Mini Strip Mall includes a supermarket, a bakery, a fashion store, and a tattoo studio.

5. Tel Aviv (Israel): The vegan hub in the Middle East

Veganism is a massive trend in Tel Aviv, with more than 4% of the city’s population identifying as vegan.5 Of course, you can eat great falafel here, but with its eclectic mix of cultures, the city’s creative cuisine has far more to offer, including delicious dishes such as mezzes (a variety of local appetizers), tabbouleh (bulgur salad), and veggie kebabs.

ProVeg tip: Dosa Bar
If you are travelling to Tel Aviv, you should definitely dine in the vegan Dosa Bar and enjoy traditional Indian cuisine. In addition to dosas (crispy, hearty pancakes), the menu includes thalis (a selection of various dishes served on a tray), side dishes such as plant-based koftas, and delicious desserts.

6. Warsaw (Poland): Meat-based Polish cuisine – veganised!

Boasting about 50 vegan and more than 30 vegetarian restaurants, Poland’s capital attracts vegans/vegetarians from all over the world. In addition, many restaurants, cafés, and bars offer vegetarian and vegan options.6 Among the vegan restaurants are Japanese and Vietnamese establishments, as well as eateries specialising in Middle Eastern and Mexican food. Warsaw also has two vegan supermarkets and a shop selling organic vegan wine.7

ProVeg tip: Vege Miasto
A special feature of Warsaw’s culinary world is Vege Miasto, which has veganised the rather meaty traditional Polish cuisine. Examples include plant-based versions of kaszanka and pierogi, with a filling of tofu and spinach. Some of the food is also gluten-free. If you are visiting Warsaw, you should definitely pay a visit to Vege Miasto.

7. Edinburgh (Scotland): Haggis, please – but make it vegan

In Edinburgh, visitors can explore more than 100 plant-based eateries, as well as a good selection of vegan meat and milk alternatives in most restaurants, bistros, cafes, and pubs. Besides a vegan falafel stand, restaurants with raw vegan menus, and a snack bar selling West African and Caribbean vegan fast food, there’s also a vegan bakery in Edinburgh, making the city a great destination for a vegan/vegetarian holiday.8

ProVeg tip: Hendersons
The vegan eatery Hendersons has already opened four branches. At Hendersons, you can enjoy a fine selection of vegan salads, buddha bowls, and other main courses and desserts. The menu also includes nut- and gluten-free dishes. Hendersons even serves a vegan version of the traditional Scottish dish Haggis!

8. Brighton (England): A highlight for all veggies, not only during VegFest

Not only can vegans and vegetarians enjoy tasty and diverse plant-based food in Brighton’s more than 85 veggie-friendly restaurants, cafés, and food stands, they can also buy vegan shoes and cosmetics.9 The shoe shops Beyond Skin and Vegetarian Shoes, along with the perfume shop Eden Perfumes, offer a wide range of choices. Held annually in various cities throughout England, VegFest, a veggie festival featuring plant-based food and products, is an absolute must for travellers who avoid animal products.

ProVeg tip: Purezza
The pizza parlour Purezza serves veganised and reinterpreted versions of traditional Italian dishes. As well as vegan pizzas, you can also find pasta dishes such as mac & ‘cheese’ and lasagna, as well as Buddha bowls and delicious desserts. Some of their meals are also raw or gluten-free. Purezza is definitely worth a visit.

9. Vancouver (Canada): Vegan food trucks, raw food restaurants, and vegan shoe shops

The city of Vancouver boasts a large selection of vegan/vegetarian restaurants, vegan bakeries, raw food restaurants, and the like. The city’s 30 or so vegetarian venues and more than 26 vegan cafés and restaurants will make veggie hearts leap for joy.10 Its phenomenal food truck scene serves a variety of delicious plant-based tacos and burgers – making it a great holiday spot for veggies.

ProVeg tip: Virtuous Pie
Virtuous Pie serves interesting pizza creations such as a pizza made with chorizo meatballs, creamy spinach, and goat cheese, as well as the ‘Grandma Pie’ made with cheddar cream – all vegan, of course. Salads and ice cream are also on the menu.
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10. Taipei (Taiwan): the city of Buddhist cuisine

About a third of Taiwan’s population is Buddhist.11 Taipei, in particular, has a great selection of veggie restaurants. There’s even a plant-based supermarket, as well as more than 50 vegan and nearly 160 vegetarian eateries.12 Many of its hotels also offer vegan food.

ProVeg tip: About Animals
While not typically Asian, this restaurant’s food is incredibly tasty! At About Animals, you’ll be served the best veggie burgers and sandwiches in the city, along with a variety of smoothies.

Wherever you go for your next vegan/vegetarian holiday, we wish you a pleasant and fun-filled time.


Last updated: 22.08.2018

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