“An inspiring first for Asia”: ProVeg welcomes South Korea’s plan to promote plant-based foods

31 October 2023

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Plan includes research centre for alternative protein and support for plant-based exports 


A plan unveiled by the South Korean Government to promote plant-based foods was today welcomed by global food awareness organisation, ProVeg International, as an “inspiring first for Asia”.

“We are really pleased that the South Korean government will actively promote the production and consumption of plant-based foods,” Jasmijn de Boo, CEO of ProVeg International, said.

“Plant-based foods are healthy, tasty and climate-friendly alternatives, providing a growing market for farmers to tap into. We hope other countries across Asia will formulate similar, inspiring strategies to give the plant-based food sector the boost it deserves,” de Boo added.

According to The Korea Bizwire, the plan, due to be launched in December, envisages the establishment of a research centre for alternative proteins, the promotion of plant-based exports and the expansion in the use of domestic agrifood produce in plant-based alternatives to meat. 

The announcement of the plan, made by the Government’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, comes two weeks after Denmark became the first country globally to publish an action plan on plant-based foods. The Danish plan aims to increase the production and consumption of plant-based food by providing support in the public sector, industry and research and development fields.

Globally, agriculture accounts for about one third of global greenhouse emissions, with nearly 20% of emissions coming from animal agriculture. Plant-based diets emit half the greenhouse gas emissions as animal-based foods so offer an effective way to reduce the climate impact of the food system1


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