New documentary “Eating Plants” out soon: join the Watch Party

21 April 2022


A new, upbeat six-part docu series about the plant-based lifestyle, called Eating Plants, is being released at a European “Watch Party” on 7th May.

Eating Plants has been produced by award winning Australian filmmakers Kate Clere and Mick McIntyre, who run the independent film company, Second Nature Films.

Each episode investigates one of the biggest culinary food trends in the world and hones in on the top vegan countries to show how entrepreneurs and health experts are supporting those countries to shift to a plant-based lifestyle.


Watch the trailer and whet your appetite


A first of its kind travelogue, Eating Plants highlights the benefits of a vegan diet and gives the audience a chance to hear from those leading the movement, creating change for cooking, for health and for the planet.

ProVeg is proud to point out that the second episode of Eating Plants, which takes viewers to Germany, features vegan entrepreneur and ProVeg International President, Sebastian Joy.

The series in full: Episode 1: America; Episode 2: Germany; Episode 3: Israel; Episode 4: UK; Episode 5: China; Episode 6: Australia


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The European Watch Party, which runs from 4pm to 7pm (CET), includes a Q&A with the filmmakers and guests, including Sebastian, who will be answering questions from the audience about all aspects of living a plant-based life. The audience can also ‘binge watch’ the whole series!

“I highly recommend everyone to book a place and watch this uplifting and inspiring documentary showing how people across the world are working for their health and the health of the planet through dietary change,” Sebastian said.

To purchase tickets for the European Watch Party of Eating Plants, click here.




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