ProVeg response to proposed Florida bill to restrict cultivated meat

16 November 2023

Julia Martin, Cellular Agriculture Lead at ProVeg International, said: 

“This proposed bill by a Florida Republican is short-sighted. 

“Cultivated meat, once scaled up, has the potential to provide Americans with meat that produces far less emissions than conventional meat, that requires less land and water use, and that will allow our food system to transition into being cruelty free. The sustainability and ethical gains for Americans that are at risk are clear. 

“However, economical opportunities are also at risk: at the moment, the US is in a leading position in the cellular agriculture arena, being one of the only 2 countries in the world where the sale of cultivated meat is permitted. If this bill is approved, Americans will also be at risk of losing the future economical gains linked to being early developers and early regulators of future-shaping technology. 

“At ProVeg, we hope that ethical and sustainability gains and economical opportunities will prevail over political gameplay for the sake of the planet, animals and people in the US.”


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