Press Releases

8. July 2021

Over 60 climate scientists, including Dr Jane Goodall, tell the EU: Stop promoting meat and dairy

This month, the European Commission will hold an official review [...]

24. June 2021

Scientists including Dr Jane Goodall call for EU to promote healthier and more sustainable diets, not animal products

An international group of over 60 scientists today called on [...]

26. May 2021

Europe rejects ‘plant-based dairy censorship’ in landmark sustainability battle

The European Parliament, The European Council and The European Commission [...]

14. April 2021

Petition asks President Biden to shift to plant-centered food system to combat climate change

ProVeg International has launched a petition asking President Biden & [...]

31. March 2021

34 politicians protest plant-based dairy censorship in European Parliament

Following a vote in the European Parliament in October 2020 [...]