2022 Annual Review

2022 was a year of firsts for the plant-based movement – from the first plant-based pavilion at COP (the UN’s annual climate-change conference) to ProVeg being approved as an international NGO in China, the first such approval for a plant-based non-profit.

We’ve put together this report for you so that you can see how your support has helped us to progress towards key milestones for the plant-based movement – and how your help is needed now more than ever. In order to continue this vitally important work, we need to continually raise awareness about the benefits of plant-based diets and make sure that food systems are prioritised in all corners of the world. Your support helps to make a big difference!

You can read about everything you helped to achieve in our 2022 Annual Review

Message from Jimmy Pierson,
ProVeg UK Director

Jimmy Pierson

This was the year that ProVeg UK firmly established itself as the go-to organisation for healthy and sustainable school food.

Our flagship programme, School Plates, grew rapidly in size as we continue to revolutionise school food. We increased our number of major school catering partners from 25 to 38, mostly local authorities, and expanded into Scotland for the first time.

We’re now influencing the menus in around 3,700 schools feeding close to 600,000 children every day. This is double the number of children we were reaching this time last year. Since our programme launched, we have now helped over 7 million school meals become meat-free or plant-based.

To improve the quality of plant-based school food, we delivered xxx in-person plant-based cooking workshops, and launched monthly online workshops, to a total of xxxx school catering staff.

We also appointed celebrity Ambassadors, including TV presenter and environmentalist Chris Packham, whose high profile is enabling our programme to reach a wider audience. We also entered into corporate partnerships, such as the Green School Menu League campaign with Meatless Farm and Omari McQueen, the 13-year old star of CBBC, to find the greenest school menu in the UK.

Our work also attracted high-profile media coverage. We secured five TV features – all BBC news or ITV news – to highlight the healthy and sustainable menu changes we’re helping our local authority partners to make.

Thank you so much for your continued support making all of this possible.

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