Pizza night is on the cards

Pizza heaven, here I come

One of the best things about dairy is the pizzas. The gooey melty cheese on top of herby tomato and bread base is just to die for. Going dairy-free does not mean going without the best and most delicious thing to ever come out of Italy. Here is a list of where you can get your fix!


Frozen pizzas

– VBites – Available from Ocado, in some supermarkets and Holland & Barrett

– Goodfellas Vegan Pizza – available in major supermarkets

– White Rabbit Pizza Co. – available at Waitrose and online

– One Planet Pizza – available online

– Wicked Kitchen – Caponata Pizza and BBQ Mushroom Pizza, Tesco

Asda also have a ‘make your own’ pizza counter where you can choose your own toppings.


Eating out

More and more pizzerias across the country are offering dairy-free pizzas – some even deliver! Search online for your nearest one. Here’s a few of our favourites to get you going:

– Zizzis – great dairy-free menu, (plus an AMAZING chocolate torte!)

– Pizza Hut

– Pizza Express

– Bella Italia

– Pizza Face in Brighton

– Dough in Manchester

– Zad’s in Manchester

– Franca Manca in London

– Voodoo Ray’s in London

– La Favorita Pizza in Glasgow

– The Bohemian in Newcastle

– The Stable in Birmingham

– Mr Singh’s in Birmingham

– La Favorita in Edinburgh

– Novapizza in Edinburgh

Last updated: 10.08.2018

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