Opportunities to keep warming well below 2⁰C

Presented by ProVeg International & Green Course

Monday 13th November 2017
Meeting Room 10 (220 Lecture Theatre)

Animal agriculture is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas
emissions – more than the fuel from the whole world’s transport combined.

This presents huge opportunities for the livestock sector to play an important role in mitigating global warming and to simultaneously deliver important ethical, health and sustainable development co-benefits.

Join our panel of experts to learn about the importance of strategies in animal-to-plant protein shifts that can reduce global warming and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.


Dr Marco Springmann,
James Martin Fellow,
Oxford Martin
Programme on the
Future of Food,

University of Oxford

Dr Helen Harwatt,
Sustainable Food
Research Specialist
and Lead Consultant at

Planet Friendly Food

Alon Shepon,
Food Systems and
Sustainability Expert at

the Weizmann Institute
of Science (Israel)