Recipe of the Month: Little Gem Salad Boats (VE)

Little Gem Salad Boats- PVUK2

A simple recipe for a tasty side dish or starter, perfect to enjoy on spring day (or whenever else the mood takes!).

  • Preparation Time: 15 minutes


Servings: 10 children
  • 2
    Little Gem lettuce
  • 1
    Tomato (medium-sized)
  • 80 g
    Cucumber Cut into 1cm cubes
  • 60 g
    Yellow pepper Cut into 1cm chunks
  • 3
    Spring onions Finely chopped
  • 70 g
    Plant-based mayonnaise
  • 30 g
    Tomato ketchup


  1. Remove 5 of the larger leaves of each Little Gem lettuce to give 10 boat-shaped leaves and set aside.

  2. Shred the two remaining Little Gem hearts.

  3. Combine the tomato, cucumber, yellow pepper and spring onions with the shredded lettuce hearts.

  4. Make the Marie Rose sauce by mixing the mayonnaise and tomato ketchup until completely combined.

  5. Divide the salad mixture equally between the lettuce leaf boats and top each one with a tsp of the sauce.

Courses: Salad
Cuisines: British

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