School Plates

Imagine if schools across the UK could improve the health of their pupils, save money and help save the planet – all at the same time.

School Plates aims to do just that.


Working with schools, local councils and catering companies, we are improving school menus across the UK. Schools are encouraged to adopt 5 asks which are simple and effective ways to increase the intake of vegetables, fruits and other plant-based foods.


These small changes have the potential to enhance pupils’ health, help protect them from killer diseases in the long term, reduce our impact on the environment and help tackle some of the nation’s biggest health concerns such as childhood obesity and diabetes. The World Health Organisation lists increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables as well as legumes, whole grains and nuts as a key part of fighting childhood obesity.

We are currently working with a variety of key stakeholders including schools, school caterers and local authorities in:

– Birmingham

– Liverpool

– Leeds

– Greater London

– Powys

– Solihull



School Plate can be the beginning of a beneficial partnership and it will help:

– Review existing menu and agree language and layout changes

– Pilot changes for one cycle

– Review uptake, inform, guide and assist with following stages

– Supply cook training and recipe ideas

– Review use of processed red meats in menu

If you are interested to hear more about School Plates please get in touch:

[email protected]


Last updated: 25.06.2018

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