We work with local authorities, schools and caterers, offering a menu support package of completely free services. We are the extra pair of hands helping you to achieve more sustainable, healthier, and cheaper school menus.


For the planet

Last year, a Committee on Climate Change report recommended a 20% reduction in beef, lamb and dairy to meet the UK’s ‘Net Zero by 2050’ climate target.

The groundbreaking EAT-Lancet Report states that:
‘Achieving the necessary transformation [to feed 10b people by 2050] will require a 50% reduction in global consumption of red meat and sugars and over 100% increase in consumption of healthier more sustainable ingredients.’

Improve children’s health

Eating more plant-based foods is known to improve our health and can help to reduce childhood obesity, regarded by the World Health Organisation as of the most serious global public health challenges of the 21st century.

Save money

Plant-based meals are often cheaper than their meat-based counterparts, and many of our partners have saved money following our menu consultation. We can also assist with the supply of plant-based ingredients.

This is the direction of travel

Public Sector Catering has launched a campaign to encourage all operators to reduce the amount of meat they serve by 20%. The campaign, 20%LessMeat, has attracted widespread support from the industry, including LACA.

Young people’s attitudes are changing

In a recent YouGov survey nearly two thirds (63%) of 11-18 year olds said the environment and climate change was one of their most important issues for the country.

And in another recent report, FCRN found meat reduction to be the most effective way for schools to tackle climate change.


  • Joe Stratton

    Programme Coordinator

    Joe Stratton leads the School Plates team, working directly with schools all over the UK to coordinate and support their meat-reduction efforts. He loves writing, travel, rugby and orangutans. You can reach him directly at [email protected]

  • Jimmy Pierson

    Director, ProVeg UK

    A former lawyer and journalist, Jimmy started School Plates in 2018. It is now a UK-wide programme helping schools and local authorities make delicious, sustainable food.