The retail food industry has seen rapid growth in the number of vegan products on the market. In order to stay competitive, an increasing number of companies are adapting to the rising demand for wholefood plant-based products. Key reasons for this include diversification of product portfolios as well as the spreading of risk.
Potential customers for plant-based products include not only vegans and vegetarians, but everyone focusing on a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. By offering products which are suitable for everyone, companies can expand their base of potential customers.

Corporate outreach
along the value chain

Research & Information

  • Market data & trends
  • Publications and newsletter
  • Collaboration with research networks & universities
  • Experts speakers



  • Functional ingredients database
  • Plant-based product line consulting
  • Networked clusters
  • Production capacity matchmaking

Marketing & Sales

  • Product testing in our test community and at food fairs
  • Collaboration with retailers and food service providers


  • Analysis of consumer behavior and demand
  • Success tracking and evaluation

Research & Information

As specialists in the vegan market, we provide information about current plant-based trends and developments. In addition to our strategic advice and recommendations, our data and analyses support your company’s success in the growing market for vegan and vegetarian products. The data is collected through collaboration with research networks, universities, and market research institutions, as well as internal surveys and rankings.

Book a vegan expert for your event. We provide expertise in the following fields:

  • Food market development and trends
  • Consumer behavior and buying decisions
  • Retail food market
  • Food service market
  • V-Label and licensing
  • Healthy vegan nutrition
  • Plant-based protein
  • Vegan baking and confectionery products
  • Nutrition and climate/environment/resources
  • Agriculture and animal production


We support manufacturers in replacing animal ingredients by offering advice regarding suitable plant-based alternatives. Our database of functional ingredients from international suppliers enables you to choose from a wide range of options to optimally meet your requirements. Additionally, we are developing a database of innovative vegan goods for the retail and food service sectors. If you are interested in supplying or sourcing plant-based ingredients or if you are offering new and cutting edge vegan products, please get in touch with us.

Furthermore, we assist manufacturers by connecting them with experts through our networked clusters, and optimizing their production capacities via our matchmaking service.

Marketing & Sales

We provide product testing in our test community and at food fairs. We take care of the entire process and provide solid test results, which help to make products ready for market. ProVeg also works with retailers and food service companies, providing valuable connections and great opportunities for manufacturers.






With regard to your customers, we provide support before and after product development. This includes collecting data about consumer behaviour and demands, tracking and evaluating your product launch, and helping you to establish and expand a broad customer base.






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