• Things to do right now

  • Take a piece of paper and write down why you started this challenge. Some of the people you'll meet this month will want to know why you're taking the Veggie Challenge and they might even be a bit contrarian – which can be demotivating. Having your initial motivation written down on a piece of paper can help you later on, especially if you find yourself feeling a little demoralised. Put it on the wall in a spot that you'll see several times a day.
  • Preparing for your Veggie Challenge

  • Go through your daily food routine and write down your food habits. Do you normally pack a ham sandwich for lunch? Look out for a meat-free alternative. Are you going 100% plant-based for the Veggie Challenge? Then make sure there is plant milk in the fridge for your morning coffee or tea.
  • Things to do on Day One

  • Think of an incentive – a reward that you can offer yourself – for when you manage to stick to your challenge.
  • Submit your checklist and get started!

  • We'll send you a reminder about your motivation during the course of your ProVeg Veggie Challenge.
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