Informing the public effectively

With various campaigns across the world, ProVeg is pushing the vegan and vegetarian movement to the forefront of the global discussion.

Events & Fairs

A great opportunity to connect

Proveg supports and facilitates a range of vegan events throughout the year,
from annual events such as Veggie World and Vegmed to important one-off events
such as CEVA trainings and legal and political sympiosums.

Political Outreach

Accelerating systemic change

In its political work, ProVeg advocates and communicates the potentials of plant-based foods and lifestyles for tackling various problem areas such as animal welfare, environmental protection, climate protection and resource conservation.

Corporate Outreach & Services

Providing impactful solutions

Whether established companies or entrepreneurs: We advise and support anyone who wants to conquer the booming veggie market with a product or service.