ProVeg test community: Advantages for businesses

ProVeg supports companies that produce plant-based products, with the aim of increasing the quality and variety of plant-based innovations. Using customised product tests and consumer surveys of our ProVeg test community, we advise companies on the development of plant-based products and assist them in revising and expanding their current product portfolio.

Direct contact with the target group

Engaging with the ProVeg test community will enable you to optimise your product portfolio in alignment with the needs of your target group. Regardless of the stage of product development, the feedback from our test community, together with the interpretation of survey results by our industry experts, will allow you to tailor your product to meet the expectations of your customers. Your product will be presented to up to 23,000 test community members, increasing the awareness of your product offering among plant-based consumers.

1. Design

  • Determine optimal test design
  • Selection of test community members according to socio-demographic criteria
  • Customised design of the questionnaire

2. Implementation

  • Creation and management of communication materials
  • Feedback on your questions and/or sample products, from up to 23,000 test community members

3. Evaluation

  • Analysis and evaluation of results by our industry experts

To date, we have provided a wide range of consumer insights to various companies and obtained valuable feedback on products in different stages of development. The ProVeg team and our test community would be more than happy to also assist your company in advancing and developing your ideas and products.

For further information on the test community, please see our flyer or contact us directly.

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