ProVeg Food Services offers comprehensive services for both private canteens and the professional food industry. By modifying or adding to your range of offerings, you can respond to current trends in order to meet the growing demand for healthy plant-based meals. We are looking forward to your requests and would be pleased to send you an individualised service offer.

Our Services

Through our holistic approach, we help you tap into
the expanding market for plant-based products:

Consulting work

Educational Workshops

Development of menus and recipes

Occupational health management

Food Services projects

ProVeg Food Services has launched several projects to communicate
the benefits of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and to protect the climate
and environment on a lasting basis.

‘Plant Powered Pupils’ is a hands-on campaign that outlines the positive effects of offering plant-based meals in schools. As part of the initiative, which is supported by BKK ProVita, ProVeg engages with pupils in the classroom and offers cooking workshops for catering companies.

GV-nachhaltig was a consulting platform for catering in various contexts. It was initiated by ProVeg and formerly sponsored by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) in Germany.

KEEKS is a joint project for climate- and energy-efficient canteens in German schools. The project serves as an incubator for concepts and strategies for environmentally conscious school canteens. This continuous reinvention will allow KEEKS to become a future role model for sustainability in public catering as well.

Coordinated by ProVeg Food Services, Vegucation is a multilateral Leonardo-da-Vinci (European education programme) project for the vocational training of chefs and caterers in the field of vegan/vegetarian cuisine. Vegucation also offers additional training for professional chefs.

The programme “Delicious food for all” brings healthy plant-based food into schools. Through catering companies trainings and information campaigns we make a long-term contribution to ensuring that pupils are offered delicious, climate-friendly meals.


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