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ProVeg Veggie Challenge

Join the ProVeg Veggie Challenge and try eating more plant-based for 30 days. It’s better for your health, better for the planet and better for animals. Get a healthy start with your personal Challenge. We’ll help you along the way with free tips, recipes and support. Sign up here, and download the ProVeg Veggie Challenge App as a handy tool to find and save your favourite recipes, create shopping lists, and see the positive impact you are making.

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Veganuary South Africa

Veganuary is a global campaign that encourages people to try plant-based for the month of January.  Since 2014, Veganuary has inspired and supported more than one million people in 192 countries to try vegan for January – and beyond. The organisation has encouraged businesses to drive up vegan food provision in shops and restaurants, and have made veganism more visible and accessible through our work with national and international media. ProVeg SA is supporting the Veganuary campaign in South Africa in 2021. Take the pledge!

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World Plant Milk Day

22 August, World Plant Milk Day, is an international day to celebrate plant-based alternatives to conventional dairy milk. In 2020, ProVeg South Africa discovered that there are over 80 plant milk options for South African consumers to choose from, featuring soya, almond, rice, hemp, oat, hazelnut, macadamia and more! All plant milk variants are more environmentally friendly than cow’s milk, and you could save 600L of water by choosing soya milk over dairy milk.

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Food Sampling

Taste remains one of the biggest drivers for people’s food choices, and many South Africans are not aware of how many alternatives to animal products there are to them, or how tasty plant-based alternatives can be. ProVeg South Africa is committed to showcasing the best meat, milk and cheese alternatives and giving the public an opportunity to taste these products. In partnerships with great brands like Fry’s, Beyond Meat, Almond Breeze, Violife cheese – and many others – we have handed out well over 50,000 plant-based alternative samples, including items like Fry’s Chicken-Style Nuggets and Beyond Meat Meat-balls. These sampling activities are a great way to get feedback from the public, and also raise awareness about the benefits of plant-based food.

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world wide vegan bake sale

World Wide Vegan Bake Sale

The World Wide Vegan Bake Sale (WVBS) introduces communities around the world to the joy of vegan baked goods. It is a unique combination of outreach, community building and fundraising. By baking and selling vegan cakes, cookies, brownies, muffins and other pastries, activists raise both money and awareness for their favourite causes.

ProVeg International


Our mission at ProVeg is to reduce the global animal consumption by 50% by 2040. To do this, we foster leadership at the individual, corporate, institutional and policy levels by bringing together an alliance of individuals and organisations who are committed to reducing their consumption of animal products by at least 50% by 2040. In doing so, we cut across traditional silo-thinking and work to unite people, organisations and institutions across the issues of environment, animal welfare, public health, food justice, and taste.

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Road to COP24

This campaign aims to bring the climate impact of animal agriculture and meat production onto the global climate agenda and ensure that the impact of livestock is taken into account in national climate protection plans. An essential part of the campaign is a presence at the most internationally relevant events, leading up to the world climate conference COP24 in Poland in December 2018. As part of the campaign, ProVeg is an active member of various NGO alliances and brings civil society groups together in order to positively influence public opinion.

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