The Plant-Based Heritage Day Braai


ProVeg SA to host rebellious plant-based event celebrating SA’s past and future

The Plant-Based Heritage Day Braai, hosted by local food awareness organisation ProVeg South Africa, aims to celebrate the country’s heritage and future despite the recent upheaval against plant-based and vegetarian meat alternatives.

ProVeg South Africa and its event partners have decided to go ahead with the event despite the Department of Agriculture’s recent stance against plant-based meat alternatives being allowed to use food terms such as “nugget”, “burger” and “sausage”. This has become known as the Veggie Burger Ban and recently hit South Africa following similar bans in other countries.

Delicious plant-based braai food at previous braai events held by ProVeg South Africa. PHOTOS: Leozette Roode

“We are excited to formally announce the Plant-Based Heritage Day Braai even though the Veggie Burger Ban is still an ongoing matter,” Arleen Nel, Communications Manager at ProVeg South Africa, said.

“Although this is a matter dividing many South Africans we believe there is no better way to bring everyone together than with a relaxing day spent braaing with friends, family and other friendly faces.”

Annually millions of South Africans celebrate their heritage with one of the nation’s most loved activities – the braai. This will be the plant-based version of the much-loved public holiday since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and ProVeg is aiming for it to be the biggest one yet.

Delicious plant-based braai food at previous braai events held by ProVeg South Africa. PHOTOS: Leozette Roode

“The braai is such a central part of the South African culture and a space for all South Africans to come together and celebrate our rich heritage,” Donovan Will, ProVeg South Africa Country Director, said.

“For a lot of South Africans, the idea of cutting back on meat might seem very un-South-African, but the reality is that meat isn’t our heritage. Our heritage is good food and braais, as well as the environment and animals we must look after. The braai is even an important part of our love for sports, being active and outdoors and maintaining good health. Luckily, we can do all of this while enjoying a braai.”

Delicious plant-based braai food at previous braai events held by ProVeg South Africa. PHOTOS: Leozette Roode

This year’s event partners include Fry’s Family Food Co., Oumph!, Meatless Farm, Outcast Foods, Urban Vegan, Veggiewors, OKJA, CultureLab, and B-well.

“When we look at the food on offer at our 100% plant-based braai event, we are certain even the biggest meat-eater will enjoy it. Now people can celebrate their heritage while being blown away by a new way to experience a braai,” said Will.

Early bird tickets are R60 and include entrance to the venue and a plate of delicious braai food. There will be entertainment for children and those under 10 get free entrance.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own camping chairs, picnic blankets and umbrellas to enjoy a lazy Saturday in the sun with friends, family, local music, and good food.

Event information:

  • Event title: The Plant-Based Heritage Day Braai
  • Date: 24 September 2022
  • Time: 11:00 – 16:00
  • Location: Camps Bay High School B-Field, opposite Glen Country Club, Victoria Road, Clifton, Cape Town, 8005
  • Ticket price: R60
  • Ticket sales: Quicket


Notes to editors

For media inquiries, contact:
Arleen Nel, Communications Manager, ProVeg South Africa, [email protected].

For media passes on the day, contact:
Arleen Nel, Communications Manager, ProVeg South Africa, [email protected].

About ProVeg South Africa

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