Project Manager position at ProVeg South Africa

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Status: 3-6 month freelance/contract, part or full time
Hours: 20-40 hours/week
Location: ProVeg South Africa Office, Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa
Reports to: Country Director

Position summary

Are you as passionate about plant-based lifestyles as we are? Do you want to use your experience to advance the plant-based message in South Africa, and thereby make a real difference for animals, our health, society and the planet? Does the prospect of joining and contributing to a global pro-vegan charity at the very start of its journey fill you with excitement? Then join our team! At ProVeg, you can make a real difference.

ProVeg South Africa has community and advocacy events as one of its core focus areas; these include activations, film screenings, dinner parties, vegan cheese tastings, conferences, cooking courses, promotional events for vegan brands, campaign launch events etc. We are a small team, in need of a passionate, experienced events manager to oversee our Cape Town events, and to coordinate volunteers working on events in other regions.


– Overseeing ProVeg South Africa project/events management
– Primary focus on our South African Vegan Challenge campaign which happens in October
– Coordinating teams of event volunteers
– Managing an Events Intern
– Liaising with the Communications Manager to ensure that events are appropriately advertised, and that post-event marketing is implemented
– Event reporting, including reporting to donors, sponsors and other stakeholders
– Event budget management
– Managing data collection at events where applicable
– Setting up event guidelines and checklists



– Event or project management qualification, plus 2 years formal experience as an event or project manager OR
Minimum of four years formal experience as an event or project manager
Excellent project management skills
Alignment with the goals and values of ProVeg
Strong negotiation and persuasion skills
Excellent, professional language skills – written and spoken English
– O
utgoing and confident personality, able to network effectively and represent ProVeg at events
Have a strong work ethic and work well independently
Be a great team player
– Own transport is needed
– South African ID or valid work permit if not South African
– Based in Cape Town


– Experience working in an NPO environment
– Experience working in a field relating to veganism, health, environment, animal rights/welfare or food
Fluent in additional official South African languages
Fundraising experience
– Own laptop is preferred
Sales and marketing experience

Our Offer

We are a very driven team striving to create a world in which people make healthy and delicious food choices that are beneficial for all humans, animals, and the planet. Harmonious and effective teamwork and a pleasant corporate culture are important to us. We value candour, mindfulness, tolerance, as well as high commitment and willingness to learn. ProVeg South Africa offers you the chance to do the most good in the most effective way possible, and to promote and accelerate the transition to a sustainable society.

We are an NPO with limited funding and our team is mainly made up of volunteers, and at this stage our salaries may not be able to compete with more established organisations. The position is however a rare opportunity to be paid to work within vegan advocacy, and will be a very fulfilling role for anyone interested in this movement. We anticipate significant growth in this role moving forward.

Monthly remuneration: R8,000 – R12,000. Total hours per week to be discussed during interview process.

Start Date:

As soon as possible

How to apply:

Please email the following two documents to Donovan Will, at, by 24 July 2018, with “Project Manager Application” in the subject line:

1. Your CV, including contactable references
2. An application form: please answer all of the questions below and send them in a separate PDF document.

Application: Project Manager at ProVeg South Africa

About you:

1. Your full name
2. Describe yourself in under 100 words, focusing on the attributes that you think would make the ProVeg Project Manager position ideal for you.

About our philosophies:

In one or two sentences, please express what the following terms mean to you:

1. Veganism
2. A sense of humour
3. Intersectionality
4. Reductionism

Role-specific scenarios (hypothetical scenarios):

1. A major feature-length documentary about how meat reduction is a vital component in the fight against global warming, featuring Justin Bieber, has been released by a world famous Hollywood producer – and ProVeg would like to host the premiere screening in Cape Town. Given a budget of R20,000 (excluding income from ticket sales), and a team of 5 volunteers, provide a brief event outline for this screening, including possible venues, sponsors, partner organisations, ticket prices, and any value added elements. Please focus entirely on event logistics: there’s no need to mention any marketing or PR plans around the event. Please present a brief plan in point form – 10 to 15 points max.

2. A large vegan cheese manufacturer has agreed to sponsor us with 1,000 slices of vegan cheese to use to show people that there are good dairy-free alternatives on the market. Given a budget of R5,000 and a team of 5 volunteers, give us two ideas for activations to showcase the vegan cheese. Describe each option in one short paragraph.

3. We have planned a weekend-long trip to Greyton, for which we have organised a schedule of interesting events and where we will be providing all of the catering for 30 people. Guests have paid a lot of money for the weekend, primarily because of the events we’ve advertised, and because we are providing all of the food. We have worked out that we need at least 6 team members to ensure that the weekend’s events and catering will run smoothly. The night before we leave, 3 out of our 6 team members fall violently sick after eating hummus they found under the seat in one of their cars, and they cannot attend the weekend. We urgently need to find replacements, or change the plan. What do you do? Let us know in one paragraph.


1. Please name a South African celebrity you would want to invite to be a ProVeg ambassador at ProVeg events and online, and explain why you’ve chosen this person.

2. Name 2 programs/apps/platforms that you would suggest using to manage ProVeg event planning (for example Excel).

3. Name 2 events that currently take place annually that you think ProVeg should be looking to replicate. These could be events that are directly related to veganism that happen in other parts of the world that we could bring to South Africa, or events that aren’t related to veganism that we could put a vegan spin on.

Interest in ProVeg

1. What aspect of the advertised role appeals to you the most?

2. We only have one available vacancy, and we need volunteers to help us to fulfil our mission in South Africa; if you are unsuccessful with this application would you like to sign up to be a volunteer?

3. Do you have any other passions or interests that you would like to explore through a potential position at ProVeg?

4. What is the funniest vegan-related joke you’ve ever heard?

5. How many hours per week would you ideally want to work for ProVeg?

6. What is your expected salary range?