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Nigeria is kicking off a plant-based revolution!

ProVeg Nigeria is all about eating tasty and healthy food that is both climate and animal-friendly, and will be heralding this message, from the Atlantic coastal city of Lagos, with its 25 million inhabitants, to the Sahel region below the Sahara desert.

The team will bring delicious plant-based food sampling to where the people are, in markets, streets, schools, and hospitals. Additionally, everyone can participate in the ProVeg Nigeria will be kicking off its first Veggie Challenge, which is free and available for anyone to participate, as they take their first steps towards more plant-based eating with Naija style recipes.

Other ProVeg initiatives in Nigeria

Corporate & Institutional Engagement

  • Medical Outreach

Food Innovation

  • Veggie Victory
  • Nigerian start-ups

Policy & Advocacy

  • Work with Local stakeholder

Capacity Building

  • Collaboration with local organisations

Public Engagement

  • Public outreach & food sampling
  • Veggie Challenge
  • Chef Bola’s Kitchen

Corporate & Institutional Engagement

ProVeg Nigeria is working on developing its B2B program. However, the team has already been collaborating with the medical professional community for years.

Food Innovation

ProVeg Nigeria wants to boost the plant-based ecosystem in the country. We are collaborating with businesses like VeggieVictory, Nigeria’s Vegan food company, which was recently ranked in the global FoodTech 500 leading companies.

Our work on innovation in the plant-based and cultivated food space also includes start-ups based in Nigeria that have participated in ProVeg’s Incubator program. For example,

Casa Vegan aims to be the go-to African brand for plant-based alternatives. Their products are made with local and upcycled ingredients. Their current portfolio consists of plant-based mince, chunks, and burgers.

To learn more about the Incubator program and other start-ups that have taken part in our program, visit our Incubator site.

Policy & Advocacy

Food security, food waste, and nutrition are already huge topics in Nigeria and across the African continent.

ProVeg Nigeria wants to raise awareness about the need to transform the food system into healthier, more climate-friendly diets. The people who benefit the most are those in the Global South for whom land pressures from animal agriculture will force them off their land.

We work towards bringing stakeholders in Nigeria’s nutrition space to brainstorm innovative solutions for creating a more sustainable food system. By engaging with crucial health influencers such as doctors, nurses, and nutritionists, we aim to build a network of advocates who can lobby for policies that support access to healthy and affordable food choices that benefit all Nigerians, the environment, and the animals.

For example, the Chinese government recently announced a Five-Year Plan that sets forth a national strategy toward a better food system that describes its intent to bolster innovation in the plant-based egg, milk, and protein spaces.

ProVeg Nigeria will work towards a policy change that goes in a similar direction.ProVeg Nigeria is part of ProVeg International which is campaigning to replace animal consumption with alternative protein by 50% by 2040.

Are you a stakeholder and would like to know more? Please reach out to us:

Movement Building

ProVeg Nigeria is working towards a vibrant plant-based ecosystem. Capacity building is at the heart of that community. Join the plant-powered movement and empower yourself to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle!

Whether you are in Sokoto, Port Harcourt, Maiduguri, Enugu, Ibadan, Lagos, or Abuja, let’s connect! Groups from different angles are coming together: climate action, nutrition, animal compassion, smallholder farmers.

Public Engagement & Media

ProVeg Nigeria is proud to work with fellow Nigerians across the country to help transform the food system…As part of our work with the public, we work on several national campaigns, and we have Chef Bola Adeyanju here to offer great advice and recipes for infusing more plant-based products into our infamous and delicious Nigerian cuisine. 

Public Outreach & Food Sampling

We bring delicious plant-based food sampling to where the people are, in markets, streets, schools, and hospitals. We will be cooking up these treats – possibly in a market or university near you – or tell us where we should come to, and then get a taste of how great plant-based life can be.

Veggie Challenge

Our challenge comes with Nigerian recipes, a community of support, and plenty of tips to make your journey to a healthier, meat-free lifestyle as smooth as possible. And best of all, it’s all free.

But wait, you might be thinking: how can I eat a varied diet without meat? Isn’t plant-based cooking super complicated? And what about nutritional deficiencies?

Well, we have answers to all your burning questions and are here to help you every step of the way. Globally over 500,000 have participated in the Veggie Challenge in different countries and languages. Now Nigeria has her own Veggie Challenge!

So join us for an adventurous and rewarding 30-day challenge where you’ll get to swap recipes, learn new skills, and smile your way to a healthier you. And who knows, you might even discover your fresh favorite food along the way!

Chef Bola’s Kitchen

Learn with Chef Bola Adeyanju how easy and delicious it is to incorporate plant-based proteins into traditional Nigerian cuisine.

You can make all the typical Nigerian food like Suya, Asun, even Nkwobi and stews like Egusi and Efo Riro and of course Jollof Rice all in a mouth-watering plant-based style. We will be cooking up these treats – possibly in a market or university near you – or tell us where we should come to, and then get a taste of how great plant-based life can be.

Chef Bola

Chef Bola has worked as an inspiring Ambassador for Chefs for Change. Chefs for Change International promotes chefs and cooks willing to discover and promote plant-forward cuisine. The project was launched in March 2019 in Poland.

The Chefs for Change project was inaugurated in Poland in March 2019. Initially it was a series of plant-based charity dinners that brought together the best Polish chefs who support the idea of more responsible cooking and promoting delicious cuisine without animal products.

As the project was a big success in Poland, it soon went to an international level. The goal is to build a supportive community of chefs and cooks to inspire, educate, and encourage restaurants and dining facilities worldwide to start offering plant-based meals.

After talking to many chefs and cooks, Chefs for Change realised that all have the same goal. Scientists all over the world are finally coming to an agreement on the fact that plant-based diets are healthier and more environmentally friendly than the ones based mostly on animal products. In the latest IPCC report, the UN is urging people to eat more green, and overconsumption of animal products has proven to lead to an increase in cancer, heart disease, and obesity risks.

Are you a restaurant or food business owner and interested to learn more about plant-based cooking? We would love to hear from you:

Meet the ProVeg Nigeria team

ProVeg Nigeria has its roots in organising the Lagos Veg Fest. Following its massive popularity, the team expanded its work beyond Lagos and was renamed Naija Veg. Under this banner the team has developed various programs and campaigns to help spread awareness about the benefits of plant-based diets. Meet the team!

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