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ProVeg AsiaPacific is proud to lead numerous impactful initiatives to advance and support plant-forward practices and businesses across the region, including our Food Innovation Challenge, Incubator start-ups, market research, speaking events, and more. Read on further to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

Corporate & Institutional Engagement

  • Food Innovation Challenge
  • Market Research
  • Business Services
  • Conferences & Events

Food Innovation

  • Incubator Start-ups

Policy & Advocacy

  • None at the moment

Movement Building

  • None at the moment

Public Engagement

  • Public speaking

Corporate & Institutional Engagement

ProVeg’s corporate engagement work in Asia Pacific includes a range of far-reaching initiatives, including the Asia Innovation Challenge and New Food Invest. Read on to learn more.

Conferences & events

New Food Invest

The global platform New Food Invest is the world’s first online conference that focuses exclusively on investment in the burgeoning alternative-protein and sustainable-food-tech industries.

Food-service training and education

To inspire chefs as change catalysts for sustainable food consumption and behavioural change, we equip the food-service industry with the knowledge and skills to successfully launch more high-quality plant-based options.

ProVeg China Hosted World’s First Foodservice Industry
Sustainability Summit

New Cuisine, a summit on sustainability in the food industry , took place in November 2022 in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. Hosted by ProVeg International in partnership with global chef network Worldchefs and the Hangzhou Vegetarian Association, the conference was attended by more than 300 restaurateurs and chefs from around the world.

New Cuisine, which has been live-streamed in English and Chinese for online attendees, aims to provide industry stakeholders with the tools, skills and knowledge to keep up with sustainability and plant-based trends. 

“New Cuisine is the first event of its kind. It not only focuses on vegetarians and vegans but also brings together chefs from all over the world to talk about their food culture and how they innovate in terms of plant-based meals,” commented ProVeg Asia Managing Director Shirley Lu.

New Cuisine features insights from food-service professionals from around the world (including five Michelin-Starred chefs and three Michelin-Starred restaurateurs at the 2022 edition). Through panel discussions and best-practice workshops, attendees explore various topics such as the basics of plant-based nutrition and health, vegan culinary creativity, and sustainable cooking.

Talks also centred on food innovation across Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Mediterranean cuisines, with the aim to bring together different culinary traditions and cultures with the common goal of making food service more sustainable.

“We all live in the same world and embracing its different cultures and styles is fundamental to better and more informed food choices,” explained Lu. “We dream of creating new styles of cuisine that mix global cultures in a way that benefits both people and the planet.”

Gary Yin
Executive Head Chef at King’s Joy
3 Michelin Star and a Green Star restaurant in Beijing 

Food Innovation

Our work on innovation in the plant-based and cultivated food space includes several key initiatives, such as the Food Innovation Challenge and the New Food Invest conference (both these initiatives are described above under Corporate & Institutional Engagement). Another important way we support food innovation is through ProVeg’s Incubator program, in which start-ups based in the Asia-Pacific region have participated.

Our alumni hail from many parts of the region, including China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, and Australia. You may have already heard of some of them, such as Haofood, Umami United, Heuros, Naka Foods, ProMeat, alt foods, Altein Ingredients, ReWILD Solutions LLP, Vitality Foods, and Seaspire.

To learn more about the Incubator program and other start-ups that have taken part in our program, visit our Incubator page.

Policy & Advocacy

ProVeg currently does not work on any major policy & advocacy initiatives in Asia Pacific. Please check back in regularly for new developments.

Movement Building

ProVeg supports grants across many countries across Asia-Pacific, including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, and Fiji. Our grantees in the region work on a number of important initiatives, such as Taiwan Vegetarian Nutrition Society which focuses on university catering, Meat-Free Monday Korea’s work on school catering, and the Singapore-based Centre for a Responsible Future, which offers online learning modules on adopting a plant-based lifestyle. To learn more about our grants program, visit https://proveggrants.org/.

Public Engagement

ProVeg in Asia Pacific participates in a host of speaking engagements in the region. Please contact us if you’d like us to speak at one of your conferences or events. See below for examples.

Speaking Engagements

Public Speaking in food forums
In order to maximise our impact, we focus our outreach efforts on the most important key players in food industry, including established companies and startups, to drive societal change. ProVeg is proactive to participate in food forums for public speaking.

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