Press Releases

21. December 2021

EU citizens fund billboards across Europe to expose environmentally reckless, unhealthy food advertising

Brussels, 20 September 2021 European citizens have donated thousands of [...]

22. November 2021

Spain rejects far right proposal to ban “vegan meatballs”

Following a rejection of the so called “veggie burger ban” [...]

16. November 2021

Scientific consensus: animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change

Scientific consensus tells us that the farming and eating of [...]

30. August 2021

Spain says ‘NO’ to plant-based VAT discrimation

A recent Spanish survey shows that 90.5% of those surveyed [...]

12. July 2021

Your last chance to tell the EU to end the promotion of meat and dairy

Just days before the EU meets to discuss the promotion [...]