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Plant Milk Report
27. September 2022

Raise a glass of plant milk on World School Milk Day!

Plant-based milk has come a long way since the first […]

15. September 2022

Swiss to vote next week on banning factory farming

  Food awareness NGO ProVeg International welcomes vote on outdated […]

12. September 2022

COP27: Traditional Egyptian plant-rich food can make UN summit climate-friendly

  Egypt’s traditional cuisine is ideally suited to deliver healthy […]

French microalgae startup Ozers aims at raising €300,000 to achieve its next milestones

The startup has already raised €850,000 in investment from ProVeg […]

8. September 2022

Don’t wait till the cow’s come home: let’s now talk about impact of animal agriculture

  Acts of civil disobedience by Animal Rebellion throws the […]