The European Union is set to ban the use of words such as ‘veggie burger’, ‘vegan sausage’, and ‘milk alternative’ in relation to plant-based foods. This is an unnecessary and patronising restriction which will stifle positive change. Please sign the petition now to stop this legislation from being passed.

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Harming innovation

The plant-based market is one of the fastest growing market segments and a crucial source of sustainable innovation. Unnecessary restrictions on these products will hamper this positive change.

Veggie Burger Ban Harming Innovation
Veggie Burger Ban Consumer Rights

Consumer rights

Consumers interested in plant-based products want to know what they are buying. Sales denominations referring to meat and dairy equivalents provide important information on the taste and uses people can expect from a product.


There is no evidence to suggest consumers are confused or misled by the current labelling of vegetarian and vegan alternative products. To suggest that consumers do not understand the meaning of the word ‘veggie burger’ and other similar terms is an insult to their intelligence.

Veggie Burger Ban Patronizing Unnecessary

How can you help?

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