With extensive insights and knowledge of the plant-based sector, we are uniquely positioned to help you expand your market share through revising or expanding your range of plant based foods.

Be part of a growing $12 billion industry

In recent years, there has been rapid growth in the plant-based sector. The global plant-based-meat sector alone is currently valued at $12.1 billion and is predicted to grow at a compound annual rate of 15% over the next six years, reaching almost $28 billion by 2025. In less than 10 years from now, plant-based meat-alternatives and cultured meat will have a market-share of nearly 30% of the global meat market according to AT Kearney (2019).



  • Consumer insights
  • Market research
  • News highlights of the plant-based sector


  • Functional ingredient consulting
  • Product portfolio development for manufacturers and retailers
  • Support in developing a diverse menu, including plant-based menu concepts
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Support for effective guest communication for food service
  • Concept development for a plant-based area at trade fairs


  • Feedback on your products from our test community
  • Recommendation for retailers and food service providers
  • Sales denomination and labeling


  • For professionals: increasing your visibility to leading food industry stakeholders in the plant-based and cell-based sector
  • For consumers: marketing to one of the largest consumer community of vegetarians and vegans


  • Connecting food service suppliers to manufacturers to facilitate the introduction of plant-based dishes
  • Connecting food industry stakeholders at Europe’s leading conference for alternative-proteins


  • Will Schafer

    VP of Marketing, Beyond Meat

    ProVeg has been a great resource to Beyond Meat as we’ve gone global. We hired them to support the retail launch of the Beyond Burger in Benelux and were thrilled with the groundswell of buzz they helped generate. We are grateful to have ProVeg as a strong ally in the development of the plant-based movement in Europe and beyond.


  • Rene Krebs

    Head of BU | Cereals, Nuts & Pulses, Döhler Group

    At Döhler Group, we know that plant nutrition is a key topic in the food industry. Working with ProVeg is very inspiring as it connects startups and early movers and also offers a platform for healthy discussions and constructive exchanges with investors. We are very happy to once again support the New Food Conference.

  • Caroline Zimmer

    CEO, Simply V

    Some experts dare to say that by 2030, dairy products from cows will mostly be replaced by microbial protein solutions and plant-based nutrition. It is an extremely exciting time and the last New Food Conference gave a good glimpse of what to expect in the food sector over the next 5-10 years.

  • Heiko Höfer

    Regional Director North at Sodexo Germany

    A healthy school meal with a greatly reduced or completely eliminated supply of meat is a valuable contribution to the health of our children and to climate protection.

  • Horst M. Kafurke

    CEO at innogy Gastronomie

    A strong focus on plant-based diets is a key component in our sustainability strategy. ProVeg’s high quality trainings provide valuable support in our mission to make 50% of our menu options plant-based.

  • Lidl

    Lidl and ProVeg jointly have been driving the plant-based revolution forward. The German discounter draws on the advice of ProVeg’s Food Industry & Retail experts to enrich the plant-based market and make it more attractive. The cooperation is already bearing many fruits, such as product launches of the “Vemondo” brand.



Jens Tuider

Jens Tuider

Int. Director and Special Advisor to the CEO

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Int. Head of Food Services & Events

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