ProVeg Fairs & Events organises various events, each of which targeted at specific stakeholder groups, and collaborates with other fairs that attract leading decision makers in the food space. Our goal is to create platforms to exchange ideas, suggest alternatives, and introduce and promote a plant-based lifestyle to an ever-increasing number of people.

ProVeg Events


Europe’s largest congress on plant-based nutrition and medicine

VegMed aims to increase awareness for the benefits of plant-based diets in the professional health community, featuring the most pressing issues and top speakers in the field of plant-based nutrition in medicine and healthcare. The event is specifically targeted at physicians, medical students, and nutritionists, as well as people from other health professions such as naturopaths and dieticians.



Europe’s leading conference on alternative protein

The New Food Conference is a unique, industry-oriented event that aims to accelerate and empower innovative food technologies by bringing together international key stakeholders. It is Europe’s first and biggest conference on new-protein solutions.


Build the food solutions of the future

New Food Invest, organized by Beyond Animal, will be one of the world’s first online conferences that focuses exclusively on bringing together international plant-based and cultured-food startups, investors, and key stakeholders in the food industry. This impactful combination will promote and accelerate future protein solutions and re-shape the future of food.


Europe’s biggest vegan street festival

Each year, more than 65,000 people gather at the Vegan Summer Festival in Berlin to celebrate the diversity of a plant-based lifestyle. Food trucks, live shows and expert presentations invite everyone to explore delicious animal-free food, and broaden their understanding of the benefits of reducing animal products in our daily lives.


With the 50by40 Global Engagement Summit, we are aiming to gather voices from across the globe to collectively examine these challenges and, as a result, turn them into opportunities to accomplish the change we are striving for. Hosting an accessible virtual gathering provides us with a rare chance to bring together a range of actors working in the food systems to develop a strong and united approach addressing livestock production.

ProVeg Partner Events


World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food

Each spring, organic trade professionals gather at Biofach in Nuremberg, Germany. Since 2015, ProVeg has been organising the Vegan World of Experience, a 600m² exhibition space for plant-based products. A lively programme with panel discussions, live cooking demonstrations and expert presentations educate the trade audience and help to strengthen the link between organic and plant-based food production.


Influencing the out-of-home market

Internorga is the leading trade fair for hotels, restaurants, bakery and confectionery. It has more than 1,300 international exhibitors and over 95,000 trade visitors. ProVeg represents a central information and expertise hub for plant-based cuisine, and is a trusted media partner to bring the plant-based topic closer to the foodservice and hospitality market.


Europe’s largest gathering of food and beverage professionals

Food ingredients Europe, co-located with Health ingredients Europe, is the global meeting place for all stakeholders in the food ingredients industry. The booming plant-based market is highly attractive for ingredient producers, and ProVeg organises live cooking events, panel discussions and expert talks to give insights in the developments and opportunities in this field.


The leading vegan consumer fair

VeggieWorld is Europe’s largest and oldest trade fair for plant-based products and services. Aimed at both the plant-based industry and the general public, the event is extremely popular with visitors and exhibitors alike. After continuously growing within Europe, with VeggieWorld Shanghai in 2019 the fair first expanded to Asia.


Plant-based and allergen-free

ProVeg is a partner of Veggie & Frei von, an annual public fair in Stuttgart, Germany, that attracts health-conscious consumers. The event offers cooking shows, nutritional advice, recipes and tastings, as well as a wide range of vegan and histamine-, gluten- or lactose-free products.


The world’s leading venue for printed and digital content

At the annual Frankfurt Book Fair, ProVeg showcases plant-based cook books, as well as publications on nutrition, animal rights and sustainable lifestyles, and co-shapes the live-programme at the Gourmet Gallery.

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