Climate change Policy

Animal agriculture is one of the main contributors to climate change. Plant-based foods are a simple solution. Along these lines, ProVeg Political Outreach works to include agriculture and food choices into climate change policy plans and to propose concrete measures to tackle this issue.

Attractive Sales Denominations

Better and better plant-based alternatives to animal-based products are continually entering the market. To give customers a clear and immediate understanding about the products on shelf, they are often labelled ‘vegan sausage’, for instance. Some politicians, farmers’ associations and parts of the meat industry are pushing for a ban on such ‘meaty names’, allegedly to prevent deception. ProVeg’s stance on this is clear: We campaign for informative and attractive sales denominations for the benefit of the consumer!

Definition of ‘Vegan’ & ‘Vegetarian’

Only a few countries have legally binding definitions of the terms ‘vegan’ and ‘vegetarian’, and these definitions are often contradictory and vague. ProVeg has developed a definition that reflects consumers’ expectations and is backed by relevant political and food industry stakeholders. At the European Union level, ProVeg and the European Vegetarian Union (EVU) coordinate with the European Commission whose obligation it is to bring a definition into effect.