Accidentally Dairy-free? Yes, please!

Accidentally Dairy-Free Snacks

There are so many products on the market that are ‘accidentally dairy-free’, or products that you would have thought DEFINITELY contain dairy. We’re sure you will be happily surprised by some of these!

The headline is that jam and custard Co-op donuts are dairy-free. Yes, that’s right. Head to your local Co-op NOW!


Breads, biscuits, crackers, and pies

– Crumpets – Warburtons, Tescos and Sainbury’s

– Bagels

– Most fresh bread is dairy-free

– Oreos – Original, Vanilla and Chocolate

– Bourbon biscuits – almost always dairy-free

– Fox’s – Dark Chocolate Chunkie Cookies, Party Rings

– Lotus Original Caramelised Biscuits

– Mr Kipling – Treacle Tart, Apple and Blackcurrant Pies

– McVities – Fruit Shortcakes, Original and Choc Chip Hobnobs, Gingernuts, Light Rich Tea

– Ritz Crackers – Original, Crisp and Thin (Sea Salt & Vinegar, Sweet Red Chilli, Sea Salt & Black Pepper)

– Nairn’s Biscuits – Dark Chocolate Chip Oat, Stem Ginger Oat, Mixed Berries Oat, Fruit & Spice Wheat Free

– Sainsbury’s Cream Crackers

– Nairn’s Oatcakes – Dark Chocolate Chip

– Lidl’s Bramley Apple Pies

– Belvita Breakfast ‘Tops’ – Choco Hazelnut

– Tesco Apple Strudel – a lot of frozen apple strudels are dairy-free!



– Cadbury Bournville Plain Chocolate

– Green & Black’s – Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut & Currant, Ginger, Maya Gold, Espresso, Spiced Chilli, Lemon, Mint

– Lindt Excellence –  70%, 85% and 90% Dark Chocolate

– Most Montezuma dark chocolate

– Moo Free

– Divine – Dark Chocolate Mint Thins, Dark Chocolate Ginger Thins, dark chocolate bars in various flavours

– Ritter Sport Marzipan

– Fry’s Chocolate Cream

– Tesco and Sainsbury’s offer a wide range of dairy-free chocolates



– Lotus Smooth Caramelised Biscuit Spread – OH YES!

– Peanut butter

– Nature’s Store Chocolate Spread

– Biona Dark Chocolate Spread

– Morrisons The Best Dark Chocolate Spread

– Sweet Freedom Choc Pot

– SunPat Choc-A-Nut Peanut Spread

– Tesco Bourbon Biscuit Spread

– Hershey’s Reese’s Shell topping

– Marmite Yeast Extract



– Betty Crocker Cake Mix – Super Moist, Devil’s Food, Vanilla, Chocolate Swirl, Carrot Cake

– Jus-Rol Bake-It-Fresh pain au chocolat, bake-at-home croissant and cinnamon swirls.

– Pot Noodle – Beef & Tomato, Bombay Bad Boy, Sweet & Sour, Brazilian BBQ Steak, Chilli Beef, Chinese Chow Mein, Piri Piri Chicken, Sticky Rib

– Batchelors Cup A Soup – Tomato, Tomato and Basil

– Heinz Cup Soup – Vegetable, Minestrone

– Bird’s Traditional Custard Powder


This list is by no means exhaustive! There are so many dairy-free products on the market and more are coming out all the time. Ingredients differ from shop to shop, so be sure to check the label if you’re not sure.

Last updated: 10.08.2018

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