2021 Annual Review

With economies around the world restarting and major decisions being made, your help is needed now more than ever to raise awareness around the multiple benefits of plant-based eating. Together, we can tackle climate change, animal suffering, and global health issues by raising awareness of the need to shift towards plant-based diets. 2022 will be a crucial year for the future of our planet. Your support can help make a big difference!

You can read about everything you helped to achieve in our Annual Review.

Message from Michael Webermann,
ProVeg US Director

The United States is at a crossroads when it comes to its approach to climate change, public health, and food systems – and ProVeg is working hard to ensure that the right path is taken! With an administration pledging to cut greenhouse gas emissions, support farmers’ futures, and prevent future pandemics, it appears that the populace is ready to embrace plant-based and cultured solutions to the problems inherent in the existing food system.

Our US-based team collaborated with fellow ProVeg offices and partner organizations in order to ensure that our mission was advanced across numerous focus areas, including food innovation, political change, grassroots support, and public action.

In March 2021, ProVeg US, ProVeg Germany, and Beyond Animal collaborated to host the first edition of New Food Invest, which brought together hundreds of representatives from food startups and established plant-based companies, as well as high-level investors in order to create matchmaking investment partnerships in the alternative-protein sector for years to come.

At the policy level, we supported and provided testimony that led to Washington, DC, becoming the first city to include food-purchase targets in its greenhouse gas reduction goals, with similar legislation introduced in Maryland. We are also supporting the federal Healthy Future Students and Earth Pilot Program Act in order to increase culturally sensitive plant-based meal options.

Finally, on the grassroots and public level, our US office houses the ProVeg Global Grants Program, which between July 2020 and July 2021 distributed 100 grants to organizations in 53 countries, as well as launching the US Veggie Challenge which supported 6,800 participants exploring plant-based eating for the first time, and piloting the I Am ProVeg Quiz, which inspires young people to imagine the world they’d like to see in 2040.

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