Informing the public effectively

Our campaigns provide the public with the tools and knowledge they need to make food choices that are good for themselves, the planet, and the environment.

Events & Fairs

Connecting the plant-based sector

ProVeg supports and facilitates a range of vegan events throughout the year, from annual happenings such as VeggieWorld and VegMed to important one-off events such as CEVA trainings and legal and political symposiums.

Political Outreach

Accelerating systemic change

In its political work, ProVeg advocates and communicates the potentials of plant-based foods and lifestyles for tackling various problem areas such as animal welfare, environmental protection, climate protection, and resource conservation.

Corporate Engagement

Providing impactful solutions

ProVeg Corporate Outreach and Services targets the growing global market for plant-based options. ProVeg works with food producers, retailers, and caterers to develop more plant-based products for consumers and make them more accessible.