Creamy Cauli Mac ‘N’ Cheese ‘N’ Peas (VE)

Our creamy cauliflower mac 'n' cheese is a delicious plant-based alternative to traditional mac 'n' cheese. Tasty, healthy and environmentally-friendly, this recipe is perfect for a cold January evening when you need some guilt-free comfort food.

  • Preparation Time: 5 minutes
  • Cooking Time: 40 minutes


Servings: 10 children
  • 550 g
    Cauliflower broken into florets
  • 1200 ml
    Veg stock
  • 500 g
    Macaroni uncooked
  • 1.5 kg
    Cauliflower sauce
  • 70 g
    Plant-based butter
  • 70 g
    Plain flour
  • 125 g
    Plant-based grated cheese
  • 10 g
    Nutritional yeast
  • 300 g
  • 110 g
    Coarse breadcrumbs


  1. Cook pasta in boiling water. Slightly undercook, as the pasta will continue to cook in the oven.

  2. To make the cauliflower sauce, boil florets in stock until cooked through (approximately 12 mins).

  3. Blend cooked cauliflower in stock until smooth.

  4. Melt butter, stir in flour and cook for 2 mins, stirring.

  5. Add cauliflower sauce to flour and butter, a little at a time, stirring constantly to give a smooth sauce.

  6. Add the cheese and nutritional yeast, and stir until melted.

  7. Combine the sauce, cooked pasta and peas.

  8. Put mixture in a baking tin and cover with an even layer of breadcrumbs.

  9. Bake at 200°C for 25 minutes.


Top tip: if the macaroni is likely to cool before adding to the sauce, drizzle over a small
amount of rapeseed oil to prevent it from clumping and sticking together.

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